This For You That Have High Blood

1. Reduce intake of sodium

Sodium acts as a preservative, so often found in excessive amounts in processed foods. Read the labels on food packaging carefully.

You only need about 200 mg of sodium and should not exceed 600 mg sodium. If you are eating more fresh foods, the intake of sodium that you eat less, too.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss as a whole seems to have a positive effect on blood pressure. Having an ideal body weight may actually contribute to high blood pressure and other health problems.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Excessive drinking has a negative impact on blood pressure.

4. Change your diet

Change your diet with a focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and lean meats. Food is good for keeping blood pressure remained stable.

5. Drug therapy

For some conditions, not everyone is able to manage high blood pressure with diet alone.
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