Endurance Body Depending

Mental toughness is influenced by his physical endurance even to the condition of your body's cells and molecules. Nutrition is a major foundation that promotes mental and physical endurance of the body.

Beginning at the molecular level, where the cells are protected from injury by a number of antioxidants, fat, protein and fiber that comes from healthy food.

Glutathione antioxidant system to protect the living cell in your body by detoxifying heavy metals and neutralize free radicals. When the system is suffering from fatigue due to cell infection, radiation, emotional or physical stress, toxins, drugs, vaccines, pesticides and other chemicals, the cells would be susceptible to mutation or destruction.

The low endurance will bring the risk of diseases, including autism, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatigue, cognitive or neurological, renal failure and cancer. Resistance to oxidative stress largely depends on the body's antioxidant defenses to remain strong in the face of interference.

Nutrient-rich foods can help build a strong defense system molecules. Glutathione is composed of amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine.

Glutathione production requires adequate protein, but it also requires selenium, magnesium and vitamin D, which in most people intake is still lacking. All of these must be met as a first line treatment for trauma.

Vitamin C and E is an antioxidant that works with glutathione to protect a variety of tissues. While alpha-lipoic acid and CoQ10 is an antioxidant that specifically protect the network and increase energy production.

Lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids protect omega-3 fatty acids to promote a clear vision and improve brain function. Carotenoids and other antioxidants help prevent the skin against aging and arterial rigidity.

Carotenoids provide a major contribution to resistance arteries, brain, skin and eyes. But more than 95 percent of people fail to meet the required body carotenoid index, as reported from naturalnews.

Trillions of bacteria that coats your intestines and contribute significantly to the resilience of the body. Good bacteria help to detoxify food and its metabolites, preventing infection, nourish, and keep your immune system.

Gut bacteria make you tough. Mengndung fermented foods or probiotics prebiotics may help improve intestinal health and digestion.

Depression, heart disease and dementia largely depends on the level of vitamin B complex in the body. Strong bones depend on calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.
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