9 Ways Getting rid of Foot Odor

Foot odor problem is very annoying and sometimes make people feel inferior. Foot odor can happen to anyone, so it should attempt to anticipate them.


Given the bacteria are the primary agents that cause foot odor, use antibacterial soap acne seems to help. Look for acne soap with benzoyl peroxide content of 10 percent, which can reduce the bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide works by slowly releasing active oxygen which also has a bacteriostatic effect keratolytic effect and thus support the drying effects of treatment.

6. Put the paper into a shoe dryer

Placing paper in the shoe dryer may seem strange, but it can help absorb foot odor. Dryer sheet will help eliminate odor and keep your shoes still smell fresh.

7. Use mouthwash

Gargle (mouthwash) not only can make the breath fresh, but can also be used to keep your feet so not too bad. Soak your feet in water mixed with mouthwash once a day. Mouthwash will help remove bacteria from your feet, in the same way as killing bacteria in the mouth. If this is quite strange for you, consider rubbing the legs with cotton soaked in mouthwash.

8. Marinate the legs with cornstarch

Prior to wear socks, you can sprinkle cornstarch on the feet. Cornstarch to help absorb the sweat, which causes the odor. Make sure your feet are completely dry prior to moisten it with cornstarch and do not forget to apply it on the sidelines of the toes.

9. Replacing the shoe as often as possible

Replacing the shoe as much as possible can help reduce the odor in the feet. At the very least, try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. When your shoes are wet from sweat, it takes several hours to completely dry.
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